Industrial Coatings

Urachem Ultra- Low VOC Ultra Durable Polyurethane

*New* Urachem Ultra is a 2 component high solids polyurethane topcoat with a maximum VOC of 2.8 lbs/gallon.  This product features Randolph Products’ proprietary technologies used for navy aircraft.This military quality high solids polyurethane outperforms traditional commercial grade polyurethanes for color and gloss retention.

Urachem Ultra is suitable for use on a variety of substrates that require superior appearance and durability. Recommended for both metal and plastic substrates which require a highly durable and flexible finish with excellent exterior durability, chemical and abrasion resistance.

  • 2 component
  • Excellent solvent, chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Dries and cures at ambient temperature and can also be force dried
  • Can be used for interior or exterior applications
  • Custom color matched to meet each customer’s specifications
  • Interior and exterior applications: Mix 2 parts Urachem Ultra:1 part Urachem Ultra Hardener (991FL for flat or semi-gloss colors, 991GL for gloss colors)

SDS are color specific.  Please see below for Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Click the link below for a PDF of the TDS sheet for this product

Urachem Ultra