TT-P-1757B Type 1 Class N

TT-P-1757B primer Type 1 class N is a non-chromate corrosion inhibiting primer intended for use on surface treated aluminum or surfaces coated with a pre-treatment coating in accordance with MIL-C-8514 or DOD-P-15328.

This product is available in yellow (Y) or green (T) and may be used without a topcoat but can be top coated with a lacquer or enamel. When suitably thinned, the primer may be used for dip or flow coat application.

  • Chromate free
  • Available in yellow (Y) or green (T)
  • Corrosion inhibiting
  • Single component

Yellow (part number1757B1N-Y) is a stock item.


Click the link below for a PDF of the SDS sheet for this product



Click the link below for a PDF of the TDS sheet for this product

TT-P-1757B_Type 1 Class N