MIL-PRF-24667C Composition G, Type I, II and IV aka Randogrip “Navy G”

Randogrip Navy G is a rugged two-component low V.O.C. deck coating engineered as a non-skid coating system for  weather decks, flight decks and hangar decks of air capable amphibious aviation and aviation ships. This military grade anti-slip coating is also ideal  wherever tough ultra-durable non-skid protection is required.

  • QPL/QPD Department of Defense approval for MIL-PRF-24667C Comp G under Types I, II and IV
  • Low V.O.C. of 197 grams/liter (1.64 lb/gal)
  • For marine and industrial environments which require a formula for extreme durability
  • Exceeds ADA and OSHA requirements for safe coefficient of friction (COF).
  • Adheres to metal, fiberglass and wood decking surfaces
  • Resistant to jet blast, most acids, alkalis, solvents, grease, oil, salt water, detergents, gasoline, jet fuels, cellulube and other hydraulic fluids
  • Formulated for extreme wear: Resists heavy rolling and pedestrian traffic

Ideal for:

●Shipboard●Shipyards and Marinas●Industrial Areas requiring superior resistance to solvents, grease, oil, saltwater and chemicals or where slips and falls are prevalent●Oil and Gas Rigs and Platforms

Available in : Deck Gray SAE-AMS-STD 595 36076 (part Number 600D01), Black 37038 (part number 600K10), Haze Gray 36270 (part number 600D27) as well as other standard colors per the spec.  Non Fed. Std. colors available for non U.S. Navy Applications.


  • Theoretical Coverage with roller: 25-30 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Dry Time at 70°F: Hard Dry: 24-48 hrs Full Cure: 7 Days
  • COF: Dry: 1.2, Wet: 1.2
  • Randogrip Navy G Metal Primer is to be used with this product if being applied on a U.S. Navy Vessel deck.

To view NAVSEA approved ASTM F718 Tech Data Sheets for this product, please refer to  

See our commercial TDS below

Shipping weight: 5 gallon pail kit: 95 lbs.

SDS below for stock item:600D1 (Fed Standard 595 36076 Deck Gray)and its catalyst (610C01). Please contact us for SDS for other colors.


Click the link below for a PDF of the SDS sheet for this product


610C01-BG Randogrip Navy G Part B

600D01-PL Randogrip Navy G


Click the link below for a PDF of the TDS sheet for this product

Randogrip Navy G

Randogrip Navy G -Non Fed. Std Colors