Industrial Coatings

6.7 Urachem Low VOC Polyurethane Topcoat

6.7 Urachem is a high solids low VOC coating which is engineered for the electronic enclosure industry. It can be applied smooth or textured on a variety of substrates such as pretreated steel or aluminum and wood as well as the many plastics used in the business machine telecommunications and medical industries.

  • 2 component
  • Low VOC (2.6-2.7 lb/gal depending on color)
  • Reduced solvent emissions
  • High volume solids formula provides excellent coverage
  • Air dry or force dry
  • Custom color matched to meet each customer’s specifications
  • Mix ratio: 4 parts 6.7 Urachem Part A:1 part W5005 hardener:1 part W7161 Reducer
  • Compare to Polane®2.8T Plus Polyurethane Enamel

Looking for a SDS for a 6.7 Urachem?

SDS are product dependent, please contact us for a SDS and specify the product with your request. Below are the SDS for our stock items W5055 Carbide Black and W5818 S.E.G. 8′ Gray


Click the link below for a PDF of the SDS sheet for this product



Click the link below for a PDF of the TDS sheet for this product

6.7 Urachem