About us

Randolph Products was established in 1932 as a manufacturer of quality Military Specification and General Industrial products. Outside of the military market, our coatings can be found in the OEM Industry, Wood Priming Market, Anti Slip Coatings Market and various other specialty industries. At Randolph Products we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, time tested products as well as offering our customers innovative products based on their specific needs.

Randolph Products Company is a veteran-owned small business.


At Randolph Products we are dedicated to support our customers with superior products, excellent service and innovative solutions.  We are passionate about providing outstanding service.


Provide the highest quality products that meet or exceed customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and expectations while continually improving our quality management system and results.


Randolph Products sets the standard for manufacturing high quality Mil-Spec and General Industrial products.  An innovative organization possessing advanced technological capabilities, Randolph remains committed to manufacturing excellence, continuous improvement, and unparalleled customer service. Randolph’s vision and leadership is clearly evident in our proven ability to produce exceptional products for nearly a century.
Possessing this passion for innovative thinking, consistent quality, and uncompromised customer satisfaction, Randolph remains steadfast in its efforts as an industry leader. Over time, Randolph has developed one of the most diverse and exclusive product lines in the Coatings Industry. Randolph customers have confidence in our ability to consistently meet or exceed their needs regarding product performance, delivery, and price.

The terms “Quality” and “Industry Leader” accurately depict Randolph Products in the arena of Mil-Spec and General Industrial Coatings.


Our team of chemists and formulating experts incorporate the latest advancements in coatings technology to our products while ensuring strict quality standards. We are dedicated to providing our customers innovative solutions to their specific coating needs. Randolph Products investment in research and development enables us to provide our customers with technical backup and exceed their expectations with technical development.

With a firm grasp on current market conditions, Randolph embraces the opportunities that lie ahead. Continual assessment and investment in corporate research and development, marketing, technology, and equipment simply reaffirms Randolph’s commitment to excellence. Such goals are meaningless unless they are achieved in a manner that does not compromise product quality standards, safety, and appreciation for a clean environment; these are all values embraced by Randolph Products.


Randolph Products takes great pride in its customer service. Over the last 80 years, we have seen many changes in the coatings industry. The one constant however, has been the need to provide top-notch customer service. Understanding our customers’ needs and resolving them quickly is our priority. Our level of customer service is the distinguishing variable that has allowed us to pass the test of time.

It is our goal to meet all your expectations. Competitive pricing, timely delivery, superior quality with a fully staffed and supported laboratory. We are committed to providing personalized, professional support.