Ecology & Safety


It is Randolph Products Company’s objective to be a responsible citizen of the global community by operating all of its businesses in a manner which is protective of the environment.

We will support a sound environment while supporting operations growth by:

  •  integrating the principle of environmental stewardship into all phases of our business. Such stewardship will stress minimization of risk throughout the manufacturing process and the product life cycle.
  •  planning for reduction or, where possible, elimination of waste.
  •  promoting the use of non‑hazardous or less hazardous materials in place of high‑hazard materials.
  •  establishing programs designed to achieve continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  •  ensuring that all employees are aware of the essential need for sustaining the environment and of their responsibility to support and contribute to the Company’s stewardship efforts.

The commitment to a sound environment is as essential as the commitment to profitability. The Company’s long‑term success is dependent upon both.

  SAFETY  POLICY It is the Policy of Randolph Products Company and the Management of this Facility to provide a safe work environment for all employees, to comply with all safety laws and regulations, and to protect the safety of the public as related to plant operations. An integral part of this policy is that safety will be accorded an equal priority to quality, productivity and cost. Furthermore, safety must be given precedence over expediency.


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan:    CHPSPPP 2015 PUB